Tattoos in the Workplace

Tattoos are becoming more prevalent  on our campus. When young people go to get jobs, are their tattoos going to affect them?

A 2010 Pew Research Center report said that nearly 40 percent of young adults, (ages 18-29), have tattoos. The acceptance in the work place of tattoos depends on the career.

In an article on, Meredith Haberfield, an executive career coach said that it’s best to cover your tattoos during an interview and for the first couple weeks at a job until you can see how the place would react to tattoos.

Most offices do not accept visible tattoos, but Haberfield says you can often get away with them in the auto, military, construction, design, film, music, digital media, styling and athletic lines of work.

It is legal for a work place to require you to cover up tattoos, according to the November 2006 court case Robert V. Ward.

Tattoos considered are a part of the dress code, therefore it is not discrimination to ask you to cover them up, says an article at The website also says that you might not advance in your career if you have tattoos at all. A survey found that tattoos were the third biggest factor to make you less likely to get promoted.

So, if you do have tattoos and aren’t going into the before mentioned career fields, cover up your tattoos! At least until our generation become the head of human resources and companies.

The above image was used in accordance with a Creative Commons license. The photo belongs to Victhor Viking.


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