Henna Tattooing

A henna being done.

Henna tattoos are an underrated alternative to permanent tattoos.
A henna is a plant used to dye almost anything, but in this case you’d obviously be using it to dye your skin. This is done by mixing the powder with tea or lemon juice.

Things to know

    1. This mixture stains the skin and last for about two weeks.
    2. The “mud” as the mixture is called, needs to stay on your skin for about an hour, but the longer you keep it on, the longer it lasts and the darker it is.
    3. The stain gets darker after you wash it off. Once it reaches its peak color, it fades until it is gone.
    4. There are two types of henna; black henna and true henna.
    5. Black henna is every dangerous and can burn your skin.
    6. The best part of hennas are they’re painless!

The picture on the right belongs to Gary Cobb, and was used according to a Creative Commons license.

The picture above is a henna I got last month.


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