First post!

Hey guys! I’m Ally Hodgson, and I’m gonna be writing this blog all about tattoos, piercings and generally any type of body modification. I am writing from an outsiders point of view, though, because the only mods I have are my nose and ears piercings. (For those of you even newer to this than I am, mod is short for modification. It means changing your body in anyway. ex. tattoos, piercings, suspension)

I’ve kind of grown up around tattoos since my aunt has about 15. My grandmother got her first tattoo when she was 56 and has gotten two more since then. Tattoos always interested me because of the look, but what’s more intriguing to me is the story behind tattoos. I’m really going to look into people’s experiences and stories and share them with you.

I do not know too much about body modifications except for what I’ve learned from documentaries like Modify.

I hope you guys don’t hesitate to comment, I’m very open to comments, suggestions, concerns, anything!


2 thoughts on “First post!

  1. One summer when I was selling Mister Softee from a truck, I served a shirtless man who had HOT tattooed over one nipple and COLD over the other (does it really matter which was which?). Every time (well maybe not every time) I see a tattoo, I wonder how many times he regretted being that brainless, or drunk, or impulsive. On the other hand, he was shirtless in public, so maybe it just cracked him up every single time he showed it to somebody. I don’t know which is sadder.

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